Suggest a New Product

We get many requests every week to review new products for potential inclusion into our gourmet gift baskets.  If you have a product that you want to bring to our attention, we're always open minded.

We have very high standards and tight pricing requirements for any new product.   To be considered, all product submittals must be sent directly to our corporate office to the attention of the purchasing department and clearly marked on the outside of the shipping package as samples.   If you are suggesting a food product we will need to sample it (that's our favorite part) with samples representative of the size and packaging available for our baskets. 

Packaging plays a very important role in our descision making process, we make a high end basket with high quality products that need to present themselves as such.  The more different package sizes and product configurations you can provide the more we can experiment with the look and feel of your product in a few different baskets.

All product samples must be accompanied by full product description, ingredient labeling and wholesale pricing with quantity price beaks, leadtime and shipping information. 

We will be happy to look at anything you send but we will only follow up on those items we feel we could use in our gourmet gift baskets. 

Submit all new product samples to:

Gift Basket Village, Inc.
Attn: Purchasing
12495 SW 66th Street
Ocala, Florida 34481