Gift Baskets Made Fresh Daily

At Gift Basket Village your special gift basket is made only after your order is received - this helps to ensure the freshest products and the best presentation. Making them daily takes a team of dedicated gift basket professionals who take pride in what they do. When you order is received the process begins. The components are pulled from stock, the basket is prepped and then carefully, one by one, the components are added to make for a beautiful presentation. Literally minutes after the bow is tied on and basket is completed the gift message gets attached and the basket gets prepped for packaging.

Every afternoon (M-F) the various carriers arrive to take away all of the baskets that were made that day. This process repeats itself every day to ensure the best product we can provide is what you get when you shop with us.

Because we do make everything fresh daily, there is always the opportunity to customize your basket. If there is something you see that is in another basket and you would like it in yours, just give our customer service team a call (800) 563-8890 and they will do their best to accommodate.