Future Ship Dates

Imagine you are shopping our website and find the perfect gift baket for someone and you want to order it for their birthday, anniversary, vacation, graduation or whatever the gift giving occasion is - the the date is still days, weeks or months away.  You need to schedule a future gift delivery date.  Here's how.

Future delivery date is a FREE service we are proud to offer. You can order any time you are online and as long as we have enough lead time, you can request a future delivery dae that works for your particular gift needs.  Just add your gifts to your shopping cart and during the checkout process you will have the opportunity to select a desired delivery date.

Save Time and Money

  • Order birthday gifts early because you know the date is coming.
  • Save money on expedited shipping services when you order ahead of time and take advantage of our UPS Ground flat rate shipping.
  • Take advantage of sales when they are offered - order during the sale but specify a future delivery date, we'll take care of the rest.
  • Great for holiday business gifts when you need to order a lot of items and want to make sure they arrive at a particular time of the month.

From time to time we send sales emails and that is a great time to take advantage our scheduled ship date service.  Be sure to sign up for our emails and you will be notified whenever we have a sale or early birs special.

Still Have Questions?

  • Check out our Time-In-Transit map for UPS Ground shipping on our shipping page.
  • Feel free to contact someone in our Customer Service Dept (800) 563-8890.