Father's Day Poetry for Gift Baskets

Add A Keepsake Poem

Want to make your gift even more personal?

Show your special dad that you put some real thought into their gift by adding a personal poem. We know it's often hard to come up with just the right thing to say but fear not, the right poem has already been written.

This keepsake poem (suitable for framing) is delicately rolled, tied with a ribbon and placed in your gift basket to add that extra touch that makes your gift a truly personal one that will be remembered forever.

Poem A

My Father, My Friend
~ Allie Marvin

My love for you goes beyond,
All the things you have done.
Some would run, but you
stayed to stun them all!
Through every endeavor
you continued to call
Me your treasure.
My father, my friend, my protector, no one could replace
your tender touch.
I love you so very much.


Poem B

No one like you
~ Allie Marvin

You watched me crawl,
you watched me walk,
Your always there when I call.
You've loved me, cared for me,
And treated me like a Queen.
Nothing could ever come
between you and me,
Because the bond we share
Is beyond rare.
You've loved me from the start
And will continue to love me
No matter how far we are apart.


Send Us Your Own

You can also send us your own personal poetic creation, special lyrics, or other written thoughts and we will custom print it on elegant parchment paper for you. Just email your special works to info@giftbasketvillage.com and select the "Send us your own" option, we'll take care of the rest.