5/4/17 - Hearthside Classic breakfast Basket - The Apple Fritters are now Monkey Bread Muffins Mix

2/6/17 - TLC Pregnancy CD option is no longer available

12/21/16 - Hanukkah Treasures is back in stock

11/16/16 - Christmas Party's Description has been updated with current items in basket.


11/10/16 - Christmas To Remember has a new photo to go along with the description change already mentioned.


11/8/16 - King of the Grill ( KiOfGr) has had a photo change, a price change (now $105) and a description change. We have struggled over the years to get the beer mugs with grill seasonings and it's just time to change the basket permanently.  Please update your description and picture.

10/27/16 -All the Trimmings has had a description adjustment, please modify yours accordingly.


The following product descriptions have undergone some changes, please make sure yours are up to date

  • A Christmas to Remember
  • 'Tis the Season Large
  • Shalom
  • An Old Fashion Christmas (Large & Small)
  • A Celebration of Hanukkah Large
  • Hanukkah Family Basket


  • 'Tis The Season - Large (TiThSe2-Lg) had a product description change that changed a candle and took out duplicate strawberries
  • For the Teacher (FoThTe) The original teacher book was replaced with a motivational book and a teacher themed cocoa